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What is the cloud?

For some time the internet is drawing presentations like a cloud in English "cloud". Today when we talk about cloud, we mean something accessible via the Internet. So to get to the cloud we need an Internet connection. 

Cloud services

Cloud services are more categories and continually expanding:

Who uses cloud?

Everyone! All already use cloud, especially for email. Everyone we meet when surfing the internet cloud services: the majority of websites hosted on various servers is leased or rented on a platform.

The benefits of cloud solutions

Cloud offers flexibility in accessibility: can be accessed from anywhere. It is available all the time: cloud solutions using specialized data centers have backup systems that the Internet connection and electricity supply.

For any business that relies on online presence risk to fail or current Internet connection at the office. If the site is hosted in the cloud, the probability that the website was inaccessible much low (below 0.03%).

Low costs: a cloud solution reduces acquisition and maintenance costs of servers, both in terms of acquisition systems and employees specializing in IT.

It is easily expanded: you need more space or you need more computing power only pay extra. As a service, consume more, pay more. Consume less, pay less. Often purchases are made on the principle: to reach my server for a few years. This option leads to high initial costs and the acquisition of oversized computer. The cloud is easy to change up or down costs. In a classical solution should completely changed corporate server to increase performance. As long as the cloud service is used for business interaction with clients, there are disadvantages contrary.

What disadvantages can occur?

Disadvantages can occur when the service is used for the operation of the company, and only if pica Internet. An example simplou: use accounting software installed in the Internet cloud and not go (or goes bad) when the accounting department can relax, while those in IT will solve the problem.

A cloud solution works well if the Internet connection is very good. A fiber optic connection to the metropolitan network can approach the performances of the local network for a small company.



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