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About Lean Startup

What differentiates a successful one startup that fails?

We would be tempted to say that it is an innovative idea, an excellent business plan or gambling. We have so many counterexamples innovative ideas that have failed, or excellent plans that also failed ( "achievement failure") or good fortune ended abruptly. But there are successful businesses. "Lean Startup" says the thing that differentiates them is adapting quickly to the initial plan to one that works before depletion. It requires a systematic process iteratively adjusting the initial plan to one that is functional.

We learn from media startups successful people were turned visionary business plans perfectly. In reality it was not so simple: each was required multiple attempts and adaptations to discovery solution that worked.

In the classical approach of creating a product / service consumer involvement occurs in the initial stage of establishing requirements, but validation is left for after product launch. It is a great distance between the two stages (requirements and release) that may be many mistakes and you can eat very many resources. Steve Blank detailing cycle "Customer Development" in " The Four Steps of Epiphany ".

Belief that customers have all the answers is wrong: we can not simply ask them what they want.

If I had Asked what THEY wanted people, THEY Said Would have faster horses ." - Henry Ford

Many hide behind this quote and says that it is useless to talk with customers. They wanted something customers actually faster than horses, and Henry Ford found a different technological solution that we proposed it. Customers did not have the necessary technological culture to imagine that they can move without a horse. Here was Henry Ford combined the revolutionary technology requirements.

It is not the customer's job to know what THEY WANT ." --Steve Jobs 

Some key terms:

- "Customer Developement" defined by Steve Blank, refers to building a continuous loop with customers during product deszvoltarii to find out their impressions about it. In short he was called: "Get out of the building." Most of the answers are not in the office at the computer, but they are out of the building, talking to customers and validating your assumptions.

- "Bootstraping" summarizes several techniques to minimize initial investment and especially the need for external capital, banks or investors. Not to be confused with using only equity. A clear definition would say that startup and increases are financed by revenue from clients.

- "Lean Startup" by Eric Ries defined is a synthesis of Customer Development, Agile Software Development and Lean techniques (as they were defined by the Toyota Production System, Lean same in Lean Manufacturing or Lean Six Sigma) .In the "Lean Startup" it is eliminating all stages of development and product parts which do not affect customer value; it optimize resources and maximize learning about customer needs.

The principles of "Lean Startup":

  1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere
  2. Entrepreneurship means first management
  3. Validation of what I learned about customer needs ( "validated leaning")
  4. Measuring innovation ( "innovation accounting")
  5. Free - Measure - Learn ( "Build-Measure-Learn")



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