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Working Method

Method User-centered design (UCD) is divided into several stages: research, analysis, concept and design.

In the research phase we define the problem. Study type and how the end user is accustomed to use website. Analyzing information and looking closely understand it, to propose sketches and prototypes. In the concept phase we consult the customer to validate the proposals. In the design phase we implement the final product, monitor results and make improvements.

Many projects do not work because ignore the lack of time, end-user involvement in the design and development stages. The more quickly involved, the less likely it is necessary to redo the design. Understanding end user habits is difficult but extremely important to propose a solution that is addressed.

This is a learning stage, which many ignore and the site is fully developed only as discussions with the customer (who will site). After launch is possible as the end user to have other preferences than those who have been imagined in office. Such learning stage is done at the end and recover parts that do not match. 

We propose to avoid such situations and optimize the process by involving users before defining design. There are two types of research: qualitative and quantitative. In qualitative research study to understand user behavior directly influences you in making a decision. In quantitative research analyzing statistical data obtained from market studies. Qualitative research requires a small amount of data and is the right choice at the design stage. 

In UX, start from the needs of the user in creating products and services. We wonder if we can achieve the technological requirements and if it makes sense from the point of view of business. Remember that the user does not have all the answers. We need end-users of the site to gather information and test concepts, but we can not rely solely on their requirements. Once understanding the requirement, we must take into account the supplier's ability to meet them or if it is profitable. We propose such a balanced approach between end user requirements, technological capabilities and the business.


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Best service provicer for
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