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Search engine optimization (SEO)

What do you want to search something online? Usually you open your browser and go on a search engine: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others. Writing in the search box what you're interested in and press 'Search' button. Within seconds are links to thousands or tens of thousands of pages of results. 

But Google knows how all these pages? Because you visited your sight! How to know them? He accidentally discovered or been helped by those who have completed their respective websites. 
Search Engine has a program called "spider" (spider) which search the Internet new sites or new pages in the old sites. If we help them, we will discover sooner and easier. 

What happens after we discovered the site? The operation is called indexing. The information on the page is analyzed, structured, classified and stored in databases. Algorithms are trying to position information in the right locations, to provide us with accurate results when looking for something. It is very important information to be understood by the search engine. Here comes the role of SEO major.

What is SEO? SEO is the science of creating a website to maximize its position among search results. Specifically all site elements are created in order to be as high up in Google (or other search engines, such engines have different algorithms may provide different results ordered). The basic elements are: input and output pages of the site, title pages, site content, photos, site structure. 

First steps are:

How are penalized:

We can not expect a site to appear on the first page immediately. It is usually a process that takes several months. The outcome can not be guaranteed. If the desired results are not achieved, the site is reviewed and improved. The positioning of a website depends on how it is done, but also how strong the competition was. 
Even seniority counts for example Google considers the age of a site unlike Bing that puts less emphasis on this. Registration in Bing (Microsoft) is highly recommended for new sites. Keywords (keywords) are less relevant to Google, but Bing and Yahoo are essential. Links to websites without importance are less popular today. 

Search engines are different and evolving in turn. Try to keep up with changes, to keep your position in search or to climb higher. Retaining the busiest (and customers) I get the sites on the first page. After page 3 you are like strangers.


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